8 Types of Coupon Codes and Their Uses

To understand coupon codes, we need to understand “coupon” first. The coupon is a ticket or document used to exchange financial discounts from the retailer while purchasing a product. The most important thing about coupons is that they benefit everybody from the manufacturer who issues them to the customer who avails.

Manufacturers or retailers issue these as a part of sales promotion. They generate maximum sales and promote their product. On the other hand, consumers are benefitted by getting the product at a lower price while saving money. Primarily, coupons were distributed manually or placed in newspapers and magazines. But, these days, digital coupons are in vogue that is spread through email newsletters, social media, websites, and blogs, etc.

Coupon Codes

Since the new era’s coupons are digital Coupons, they are used in the form of coupon codes instead of getting printed and presenting the cashier while purchasing. Digital coupons are circulated by means of the internet around the world in the form of codes or links, and therefore, they have known coupon codes (a series of alphabets and numbers like MTHRPLANTS or EEO2MD3T599, etc.).

How to find Coupon Codes

The best thing about coupon codes is that they are accessible to everybody and every time. You can search on any search engine like Google, Msn, Bing, Yahoo, etc. with the keyword like coupon code and store name. For example, the Myntra coupon code or Food Panda Coupon Code and hundreds of websites will pop up in front of you containing the required results. You can select the best deal and copy the code from there.

Another way of getting an online discount is through “links”. Here, you find links to be activated instead of codes. When you click on the link, you will land on the webpage of the store displaying a vast array of discount products. You can continue shopping and get the discount automatically.

How to Redeem Coupon Codes

You can redeem these codes on most of the online stores. When you are at the final stage of your shopping, you need to paste the code in the required box before checking out. The online store deducts the amount from your bill. But, you must make sure that the law is not expired or fake. Most of the coupon code websites check the validity and authenticity of the system and mark it tested or verified.

Types of Coupon Codes

There are various types of coupon codes meeting various needs of the customers facilitating different benefits to the manufacturers or retailers. All the types serve in different ways for different products.

Let’s find them:

  • Free shipping

However, most of the online stores offer free shipping but, those who do not provide often issue free shipping coupon codes. Availing of them, the customer gets the product or a number of products delivered at his or her doorstep free of cost. As most of the stores do not charge for shipping, these coupons are not widely offered or availed.

  • BOGO

BOGO stands for “Buy one get one”. This is commonly used for food items like Pizzas and Burgers. Some fashion stores and others use this mostly at the time stock clearance sale. This is an enticing offer for customers as they get an opportunity to save a big deal of money.

  • First-Time Customer Coupons

First-Time Customer Coupons are specially made for first-time customers of any store. This helps the stores to generate new customers. They place a condition of registering with their store first time and getting the benefits of an offer or deal on the first purchase from that store.

  • Free Trial Offer

This type of deal is often offered by clothing, accessories, lens, and footwear store. As claimed by this deal customers get the product brought at their doorstep and try it. They can purchase if they like or send the product back if they do not like it without paying a single penny for getting it brought. Most of the stores offer unconditional Free Trial offer.

  • Launch Offers

Launch offers are offered on the launch of any new product by manufacturers or retailers. This is a kind of sales promotion method. They come up with tailor-made discount deals and try to generate maximum sales of their newly launched product.

  • Festival Offers

Festival offers are proposed occasionally at the time of the festival season. Offers are tailor-made according to the festival to sell more and more products. This type of offer is widely adopted as both retailers, and consumers get benefitted. Customers had the opportunity to buy more products making their festival more joyful and cheering.

  • Percent-Off Deals

Percent-of deals are procured by getting a particular percent off on the marked price of a single product or on the entire purchase for a limited period of time. This type of discount can be seen in the market or on online stores running every time on some products.

  • Group Buying Deals

Group Buying Deals are offered on the purchase of more than one product. Such deals are found in the form of getting one or two items free on the purchase of at least two or more than two things. These are not super saving deals therefore, not preferred enough but those who need the particular product grab the contract immediately.

People are leveraging the benefits of this cut-throat competition among online stores. The inception of coupon codes has made a remarkable increase in the number of online shoppers.

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